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Bees Alive! is an established web site and blog that serves to educate people about bees, what they do, and why they are important. I have worked in the bee and organic honey industry, but I do not currently sell my own products.

I do, however, like to promote people who sell their own local honey, and I regularly get visitors to Bees Alive! specifically looking for places to buy good quality, local honey in their own areas, in locations with specialty crops, or in places where they are travelling.

I also cover farmers’ markets and local honey vendors at these markets on my more eclectic blog:  The Good Villager, which attracts foodies, travellers, and those interested in responsible living. These visitors are also exposed to honey vendors advertising through Bees Alive!

Why not advertise your local honey and value-added products with Bees Alive! then…?

Advertising Options 2013

Option Example Pricing
Business name that links to your web site Bees Alive! $5 / month
$55 / year
Name and address that links to your web site
ABC Honey and Honey Products
123 Bee Lane
Beeville, HB
phone number/email
$6 / month
$66 / year
Business Card
that links to your web site
 bee business card sample $10 / month
$110 / year
Blog Post
(once published, these details remain accessible to search engines until the end of time)
Jean-Marie Sempels: Local Honey in Quyon, Quebec $200 / post
$10 for later modifications such as address changes
(major changes require a new post)

To add a single line of text that lists your products or special features (organic, specialty crops, workshops, etc.), add $1/month or $11/year.

Listings will be categorized by country, then province/state/territory, then region.

Honey vendors who opt to advertise through a blog post will be listed as a FEATURED LISTING in their respective region.

See how this works: HERE.

We are currently taking payment through PayPal.

If you are interested in advertising with Bees Alive! or would like to talk about options, please fill out the form below, including a way to contact you via email.

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