Bee Pollen

Is the hype about bee pollen just… hype?

Good question. Bee pollen, like any food or natural product that makes headlines as the new ‘superfood’, is getting a lot of attention. It is sometimes hard to determine whether the information is reliable or whether the information provider has a vested interest in flogging the product and is making generous claims as a result.

As a consumer, this can be an exhausting and costly adventure.

The following pages will introduce you this new superfood, clarify how it’s different from the stuff that causes hayfever allergies, tell you about how bees and beekeepers collect it, and discuss the real and purported health benefits…

Little Bee What Is This Stuff?
Also known as ‘bee bread’, bee pollen is different from airborne pollen. Find out how it is collected from flowers and from the hive.
little bee Nutritional Analysis
There is a reason this honeybee product has been targeted as a potential superfood: it is jam packed with many human-friendly substances. Find out more…
little bee Benefits: Real and Anecdotal Evidence
Many claims, little evidence to support the supposed health benefits of pollen? Welcome to the world of sales and marketing. An attempt to summarize what people are saying…
little bee How To Take Pollen
So, you’ve decided to go for it. What are your options? What should you look for? How should you take it?
little bee Animal Ethics and The Use of Bees and Bee Products
I also feature this discussion as a topic page under ‘Honey‘ as I consider it important to talk about these things. Ethical issues concerning the consumption and use of bee products, including pollen. Do bees and humans work in concert or is the relationship unequal?

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