Bee Stings

Bees are a human’s best friend… bee stings are not.

Sight of a black and yellow flying insect and the notoriety of bee stings will forever be associated. And when these insects are found in your personal space – whether they are buzzing around your head or setting up camp in your house or yard – can vary from nonchalance to annoyance to downright fear and panic. The reasons for the reactions might not be entirely clear and might be completely irrational, but how you react can be important for a number of reasons.

The best of all these reasons – a win-win-win situation – is one where a) you avoid being attacked, b) the insects can be removed or avoided without being killed, and c) the environment remains a healthy place with a piece of its ecosystem left alive and intact and poisonous sprays held at bay.

It is all about staying calm. Why? Explore this and other issues below…

little bee Apiphobia: A Fear of Bees
What is a phobia? Is the fear justified? How can you overcome your fear of insects such as bees and wasps?
little bee How a Bee Sting Works
Why is it attacking me? What happens when an insect hits its mark? How do bee and other insect stings and bites compare? What is venom?
little bee Sting Prevention, Allergies & Treatment
Is there a way to guarantee I won’t be stung? What do I do if I am stung? Allergies, testing and treatment.
little bee Reactions to Honey and Pollen
I am allergic to pollen in the air, is that related to bee allergies? Will I react to eating honey and pollen? Can babies and children eat honey?
little bee Infestations
How can I get rid of nests and swarms? There are bees in my house – what do I do? Should I call an exterminator? Respecting nature and staying safe at the same time.

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