Biological Classification

Biological classification is the key to understanding how small we humans really are…

Biological classification is a science. Not a perfect one as there are so many organisms that have not yet been discovered, and this means both expert disagreement and a constant evolution of the categorization rules. But we do have a basic system in place to help us deal with our environment and those supporting it. Start with the primer and work your way through Plantae and the other 6 kingdoms. My focus moves towards towards plants and animals with an ultimate goal of discussing insect classification, bees, and the types of plants that rely upon them for pollination. You can also skip ahead to information on how the pollination process works.

Little Bee The Classification of Living Things: A Primer
Thanks to Carl Linnaeus, and other taxonomists bent on the classification of living things, we have a way to identify and differentiate between different organisms. Start with this primer to taxonomy to understand the basic categories, and explore the other categories on this page to dig into the detail.
Little Bee The Six Kingdoms
Building on the primer presented previously, take a look at a modern six-kingdom system based on the work of Carl Linnaeus and others that attempts to describe plants, animals and all the living things we are aware of.
Little Bee Kingdom, Plantae
A closer look at the classification of plants. I’ll explore a taxonomy that divides Kingdom Plantae into vascular and non-vascular plants, and take a closer look at both the subdivisions and the terminology needed to understand them.
Little Bee Insect Classification: Wasps, Hornets & Bees
Enter the the Animal Kingdom and learn about insect classification. The focus on these pages is bees as well as wasps and hornets. You’ll find the taxonomic structure as well as other pages on the life and roles of the honey bee.

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