How Are Bees Vital to Our Ecosystem?

You have come to the right place to answer that question. Bees Alive! is an educational site designed and managed by an apiculture enthusiast and agrarian librarian for anyone who is a fan of, curious about, afraid of and/or amazed by a wonderful insect that is fast becoming an endangered species.

This site can also help people with questions about organics and the state of our food system, pollination and pollen, honey and other hive products, stings and allergies, commercial and hobby hive keeping, colony collapse disorder and other threats, and much more… Click on the side bar topic or just scroll down to find out what is on offer!

black and white tree with roots Biological Classification System
An investigation of the six kingdoms that make up life as we know it. This section starts with a general introduction to taxonomy and takes a more specific look at how our flying friends fit into the classification. Kingdom, Plantae, is also explored as background for a discussion of pollination.
Unidentified Bee Bees, Wasps & Hornets
Wild versus domesticated species, inhabitants of China and other parts of Asia, life and work responsibilities in hives, and other types of insect homes…
Dead Bee Honeybee Deaths & Disappearances: Threats & Predators
How and why such a common insect is quickly become an endangered species. What are they up against? Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD), pesticides, the human threat, common diseases, weather issues and natural predators.
Purple Flower from Blackstock, Ontario Pollination and Our Ecosystem
Why we need pollinators. Is our food system in peril? What can you do to keep these special insects around? Pollinator gardens! A guide to plants that need our winged friends…
Bee Pollen Granules Honeybee Pollen
What is pollen? Is it the same as the pollen that causes hay fever? How is it collected? How can you use it? Is this just another ‘superfood’ with more hype than true benefits?
Jar of Honey Liquid Gold… or Honey
How honey is made. What is ‘quality’ honey anyway? Is honey good for you? What else do hives produce? And a discussion of animal ethics as well as honey in China.
Medical Symbol Stings, Allergies & Pest Problems
Apiphobia. Stings: how to prevent and treat. Reactions to honey & other products. When garden friends become ‘pests’ – how to deal humanely with infestations.
Asian Eggplant Flower Photo Gallery
A free photo gallery of flowers taken in China and elsewhere. Please feel free to make suggestions and add information or photos.
Plant in Hand Non-Hybrid Seeds for Sale
Buy non-hybrid seeds and support sustainable gardening and biodiversity.
Open Book Reading and Resources
Multimedia apiculture reference list. Resources include pointers to books, research articles, blogs, films, action groups, and more. Constantly being added to…
beesuit Beekeeping
History of ‘honey stealing’. Keeping commercial and hobby hives. A new trend: backyard and urban beekeeping. Educational issues. Seasonal and regional considerations.

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