Honey Bee Deaths

The Case of the Honey Bee Deaths: the not-so-mysterious mystery of how we came to bee in this predicament…

Honey bee deaths – there is a lot to talk about here. Colony collapse disorder is finally becoming a household word, but what does it mean? Do bees deal with other issues besides how humans complicate their lives? The following pages will deal with all aspects of bees’ fight to survive, including the bee immune system, the problem of bees disappearing and CCD, weather and natural predators, disease, chemicals, and maybe even cell phones…

Little Bee Pesticides
Explore neonicotinoids and other chemical nasties that do harm to the environment and all life on earth, including our bees.
Little Bee Colony Collapse Disorder
News headlines are a blessing and a curse. Years after the onset of bee problems, we are finally getting a dialogue going. But are we focusing on the right issues?
Little Bee Disease
Even bees get sick. Explore some of the most common nasties affecting health in the hive and what can be done about these diseases.

2 responses

22 05 2012

The buying of the company to help find the cause of bee disease and colony collapse, by Monsanto, does not help to prevent such problems. Will Bayer be allowed to continue selling their poisonous pesticides knowing the harm they cause to bees?

22 05 2012
The Good Villager

These are always interesting little scenarios. Governments using cigarette taxes to fund cancer research… Not preventative medicine. Make work projects…?

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