Pollination: a bee’s reason for bee-ing

Pollination is, very simply, the way plants reproduce. Like many wonders of nature, it is something that humans rely upon, but never think about or even understand. Even when dealing with the effects of pollen allergies, most people don’t think about why the pollen is there in the first place.

The role of pollinating in the food system is becoming of greater interest recently, likely due to the fact that one of our most important pollinators – the honey bee – is dying off in great numbers around the world. The following pages will explain how plants propagate, why we need this process, who or what is involved, and how we, as humans, can take part in the health of our ecosystem through good farming and gardening practices.

Little Bee Plant Cell Anatomy
A plant cell is comprised of organelles or function-specific structures. Find out more about nuclei and what resides in the cytoplasm and what each of these structures does.
Little Bee Plant Anatomy
Just as a plant cell is made up of organelles, plants are built from cells. Zoom out for a look at the anatomy that makes up plants – from roots to leaves to flowers in vascular plants and similar or related structures in non-vascular plants.
Little Bee Organic Farming and Gardening
Why the term ‘organic’ has a bad rap. The importance of natural methods of farming and gardening.
Little Bee Photo Gallery: Insects Including Bees in Asia and Beyond
A royalty-free image gallery of various flying insects, especially bees and bee look-alikes, that I capture during my wanderings through Asia (currently featured is China).
Little Bee Attracting Bees: Garden Plant & Flower Guide
Find out what bees are attracted to and get some ideas about what you might like to include in your own garden.
Little Bee Photo Gallery of Flowers
A growing royalty-free image gallery of images of flowers photographed around the world.

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